Roles and Responsibilities

Working Teams

Roles, Responsibilities of Working Teams (PDF)

All Volunteers

  • Encourage United Way support whenever/wherever possible; attend and encourage others to attend campaign rallies and events
  • Serve as resource for questions about United Way or campaign procedures
  • Point out problem areas; suggest re-engineering opportunities, alternative actions, and potential strategies to streamline processing and/or improve campaign/campaign process
  • Provide feedback on materials, documentation, resources and information

Campaign Chair

  • Serve as campaign’s chief executive officer
  • Make day-to-day decisions regarding campaign
  • Act as spokesperson for campaign in news stories, campaign publications, and special events
  • Compose letters for campaign use – including pledge card packages
  • Identify vice chair (assumes chair in subsequent campaign)
  • Lead working group and volunteer meetings

Campaign Vice Chair

  • Act on behalf of and/or assist campaign chair with all responsibilities, as/if needed
  • Succeed to campaign chair for following campaign

Campaign Advisors

  • Assist with evaluation of ideas, strategies, and materials
  • Provide perspective, materials, documentation, data and/or recommendations based on previous experience with Cornell campaign
  • Attend meetings, as/if requested, and/or available

Campaign Coordinator

  • Assist all campaign roles as needed
  • Develop and manage campaign calendar
  • Schedule all volunteer and working group meetings
    • Develop and distribute volunteer and working group meeting agendas
    • Record minutes, if requested by the chair
  • Coordinate volunteers for personalization of Livermore thank you notes
    • Monitor and manage volunteer communication efforts as campaign progresses
  • Coordinate the recruiting of campaign volunteers for all divisions
    • Provide training to new volunteers
    • Provide resource materials to volunteers; serve as resource and support for additional documentation, information and/or questions about United Way or campaign procedures
    • Follow-up with volunteers on an ongoing basis regarding process

Unit Directors – See Unit Director list

  • Attend monthly unit director meetings (generally, twice a month from September through December, and once a month January through March)
  • Assist with developing specific, broad-campus and/or unit-specific campaign activities educating the Cornell community about United Way and soliciting donations
  • Share information about United Way events with their division
  • Share what the division is doing in terms of communication and events
  • Bring questions and concerns from division staff members to the volunteer meetings for discussion and consideration
  • Point out problem areas, suggesst re-engineering opportunities, alternative actions, and potential strategies to streamline processing and/or improve campaign/campaign process
  • Provide feedback on materials, documentation, resources and information
  • Write personalized “thank you” notes as appropriate per the overall campaign strategies
  • Recruit qualified volunteers, as/if necessary, to assist with events or serve as unit-level volunteers and/or unit directors
  • Serve as a resource for questions about United Way or campaign procedures
  • Encourage United Way support whenever/wherever possible

Communications/Community Relations

  • Develop and execute theme and communications strategy
  • Oversee/coordinate publishing of articles for internal/external communication outlets
  • Work with volunteers and campaign coordinator to establish targeted communications, when/if/where needed

Events Coordinator

  • Coordinate campaign event logistics and planning
    • Solicit potential contributors for events
    • Send thank you notes to contributors after each event
  • Coordinate with Communications/PR reps to ensure press coverage for events
  • Update working group and volunteers on all events

Infrastructure Support – University Financial Service Center


  • Group pledge cards by type (e.g., payroll deduction, credit card, bill me, etc.); sequentially number each batch; run batch total tapes for each type and batch; record batch totals on log
  • Verify completeness of information on pledge card; verify mathematical accuracy (i.e., per pay period amount times number of pays is the correct annual total); follow-up appropriately to clarify discrepancies or obtain missing information.
  • Direct data entry – including confirming match of batch totals to database totals

Systems Manager

  • Manage system-related database elements and interfaces of the campaign and campaign process
  • Manage internal lists of donors and related data
  • Provide quality assurance and analysis of reporting; handle reporting questions and requirements

Special Publications Coordinator

  • Ensure timely production and delivery of the pledge card
  • Oversee and manage production of Livermore booklet
  • Oversee and manage design and production of campaign posters

Web Coordinator

  •  Administer Cornell United Way campaign website and Facebook page

Working Group – Chair, Vice Chair, Community Relations, Campaign Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Special Publications Coordinator, Student Campaign Lead(s), Web Coordinator, Campaign Advisors (as/if needed)

  • Assist with development of a campaign strategy
  • Examine giving and participation information; look for opportunities for growth; evaluate areas where additional, or different, effort(s) may be needed
  • Assist campaign coordinator with identification of individuals to serve as volunteers
  • Attend meetings