Every Dollar Matters

Consider giving through payroll deduction. Even $1.00 per paycheck can make a difference (PDF, 228 KB).

A $1 gift per paycheck can buy:

  • 7 home repair applications for seniors in need
  • 2 hours of respite care
  • 1 hour of home health aide services
  • 5 days of meals on wheels for one person
  • 2 hours of group respite care for 7–9 children
  • Print materials on mental health issues
  • Evaluations of children with disabilities
  • 1 hour of problem-solving training for a teenager
  • An in-home parenting session with educational materials, cooking instruction, donated blankets and other baby supplies
  • 2 round-trips of transportation from a rural home to the pediatrician’s office for a mom and baby
  • Lunches for 50 low-income people at the Friendship Center
  • Partial cost to prevent an eviction from a residence
  • 1 hour of peer counseling
  • Scholarship money for students to attend a variety of summer recreation programs
  • A detailed workbook for students working to improve their literacy
  • Supplies (paper, pen & pencils, calculators) for academic assistance programs
  • Snacks for youth in after-school and teen programs

A $2 gift per paycheck can buy:

  • Labor to apply sealant to roof valleys to stop leaks, to fix a leaking faucet, or make a door entry threshold more secure
  • 1 hour of caregiver counseling
  • 1 hour of grandparent support groups (grandparents training to raise their children’s children)
  • 10 days of meals-on-wheels for 1 person
  • Respite care for 14–18 children
  • Books and materials on wellness for recovery
  • 1.5 hours of professional development for 6 volunteer mediators on mediation, home skills and coaching
  • 2 scholarships for community elders annual membership fee for participation in the Senior program
  • Partial cost of college application fees for a teen in need
  • An educational program for 15–25 parents, grandparents, and other caregivers
  • Diapers for a newborn for five weeks
  • A night of shelter for a fire victim
  • Food and clothing for a fire victim
  • 1 hour of American Sign Language Interpreter

A $3 gift per paycheck can buy:

  • 1 night of shelter to a homeless person with food, personal hygiene products, linens, and case management
  • 1 bath bench for the loan closet (for use by people with disabilities)
  • Cleaning of gutters at an elderly person’s home
  • Installation of 2 bath railings in a bathroom
  • 1 hour counseling for a child, parent or adult
  • 15 days of meals-on-wheels for one person
  • 1 scholarship for a parent to participate in a 6-hour training session on dealing with family conflicts
  • Assistance with high school re-enrollment or GED class registration for a teen parent
  • Internet access for students and staff
  • 1 scholarship for a child to participate in the 13 9-to-5 day programming during the school year.